Express Tunnel

An express tunnel is a free-standing car wash tunnel with record-breaking power and processing ability. Plan on 1+ acre of land, 3 - 6 employees, wash services ranging from $5 - $20, and an investment of 3 - 5M.

We go well beyond installation. As a Tommy’s car wash distributor, our systems are cost effective, efficient, and easy to maintain. We provide marketing support to ensure that your car wash business is as successful as it can be.  We also offer operator training courses several times annually.


About Tommy Car Wash Systems

The distinctive Tommy building designs let the entire community know that this is not your average car wash; however, a Tommy site is much more than a unique exterior. Building design, thoughtful equipment selection, training, and a strong distributor network are the core components of the Tommy solution. Our team works with you, developing your wash as if it were our own and reproducing our proven, successful wash model. Ultimately, the model allows for a 3 man operation with one operator at the cashier window, a second assisting out in the lot, and a third managing the equipment and facility as a whole.


Let’s talk about your car wash project

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