AUTEC Car Washes

AUTEC was founded by Tom Hobby on August 1, 1981. From a fledgling company started in the founder's basement, to a multi-million dollar corporation, AUTEC's Statesville, North Carolina headquarters encompasses marketing, research & development, engineering & drafting, welding & metal fabrication, paint & surface preparation, electrical, assembly, technical service, and a complete chemical blending, formulating and packaging operation.

AUTEC's Soft Touch Car Wash Systems feature stainless steel construction for years of trouble-free, wet-environment operation; soft cloth or polyflex for safe, thorough cleaning; gentle hydraulic operation for a gentle vehicle surface massage; and self-diagnostic, software driven controls and monitoring systems that emails or texts faults to the service provider or owner.

AUTEC systems are cost effective, compact, efficient and easy to maintain. Our systems are highly profitable with multiple wash packages that include numerous profit-boosting options. We formulate and mix our own chemicals and car care products. We provide marketing support to ensure your car wash business is as successful as it can be. We offer operator training courses several times annually.

AUTEC guides customers through the buying process by providing help with:

Property/Location Selection

Demographic Studies

Creating Street Presence

Selecting the Ideal Car Wash Equipment

Partnering with a Local AUTEC Service Partner (like Ultra Wash Systems)

Since its inception, AUTEC has earned a reputation of providing customers with unprecedented wash quality, durable equipment, eco-friendly options, and trouble-free operation - all culminating in an exceptional return on investment because consumers love it!

Your ROI is directly related to the number of cars washed and the average price point. AUTEC can provide a demographic study of your proposed location to see if the ideal statistics are there to support your car wash business. We can also provide you with a proforma that is specific to your site and the recommended equipment you are considering.

AUTEC works with several leasing companies that specialize in car wash equipment financing as well as SBA lending specialists. We'll be happy to provide you with their contact information.