Ultra Wash Systems is the preferred destination for high quality car wash equipment & chemicals sales. We service every segment of the car wash industry.



Express Exterior


Easy from Start to Finish! Tommy Car Washes reflect 45 years of consolidating the best systems, processes, and designs in the industry. The combination of building design, carefully selected equipment, manufacturing, training, and installation makes this an exceptionally successful wash model.


Mini Tunnel Conveyors


A small sized car wash that still has the functionality and value of an express tunnel. Using our All-In-One Clean Combo and Tommy Transporter Conveyor System, our wash works harder than other in bays and delivers amazing customer value with a much smaller footprint.




You may have a preference for Touchfree car washing or Soft Touch. Either way, we've got you covered with two great American-made inbay options. Inbay washes are great for self serve operators, auto dealership, gas station, or lube centers. Unlike washes of the past, we utilize only soft cloth and polyflex materials which allow for safe and complete cleaning.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

-Feasibility Studies and Site Surveys

-General Contracting Services

- New car wash equipment sales

- Reconditioned car wash equipment sales

-Belt Conveyor Car Wash Systems

-Tommy Car Wash Systems