AUTEC's Soft Touch and Touch Free Car Washes

Our systems are cost effective, compact, efficient and easy to maintain. AUTEC has earned a reputation of providing customers with unprecedented wash quality, durable equipment, eco-friendly options, and trouble-free operation - all culminating in an exceptional return on investment because consumers love it!

Due to the small footprint, AUTEC can be a great option for automotive dealerships, quick lube operators, and space-constrained fuel centers and c-stores. AUTEC offers soft touch, touch-free, combination, and polishing systems. No matter what your preference, AUTEC has a solution for your rollover car wash.


Customer Success

Ensuring our customers' success is our number one priority.  We guide them through the buying process by providing help with: 

Property/Location Selection
Demographic Studies
Creating Street Presence 
Selecting the Ideal Car Wash Equipment

AUTEC provides consistent cleaning performance and best-in-industry throughput.  Oh!  And did we mention lowest operating cost?